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Triyam Fovea EHR Archive

Helps hospitals and health systems archive the historical patient data

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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Triyam Fovea EHR Archive is an innovative solution that helps healthcare providers store historical patient data from legacy EHRs in a vendor-neutral format. The platform allows for easy access to patient data, ensuring continuity of care for patients. Release of Information is made simple with just a few clicks, making it an efficient solution for healthcare providers.

One of the key features of Fovea is its web-based application, which can be hosted either on-premise or on the cloud. The platform is simple, flexible and reliable, allowing end-users to seamlessly search for and retrieve data from Fovea. Data agnosticism means that virtually any type of data (structured, unstructured, discrete data, documents, images, etc.) can be archived through Fovea. Additionally, Fovea can archive across any healthcare specialties, including acute care EHRs, ambulatory systems, home health, long-term care, nursing homes, senior living, surgical centers, hospice and behavioral systems, among others.

Fovea is capable of storing entire relational databases, with the ability to write custom reports and run business analytics. This helps in data conservation for reporting and compliance purposes, while also facilitating the eDiscovery process for any potential legal requests.

Fovea’s multi-tenant architecture is capable of future expansion to support the retirement of additional systems in the future, without any downtime. The platform is also highly secure, being both HIPAA attested and SOC2 compliant. Data from each source system is properly segmented, and user access rights can be provided at each source system level. Fovea access rights can be self-administered by select admin users as identified by the customer.

Finally, after archiving the data into Fovea, the legacy systems can be shut down and decommissioned, thus eliminating exorbitant licensing and maintenance costs. Overall, Triyam Fovea EHR Archive is a feature-rich archival application that is highly secure, efficient, and cost-effective for healthcare providers seeking to store and access patient data from legacy EHRs.

Triyam Fovea EHR Archive

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