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Experience tells us that some forms of care are better delivered in a home-based environment. When you care for someone in their own home, rather than in hospital, they’re in their most comfortable place at a time when they need to work on their health.

We have teamed up with several providers to ensure we can provide accessible in-home options for those eligible members who would prefer to be in their own home and not in a hospital, so that wherever possible you have a choice in how you are treated. These treatments are called hospital-substitute treatment (or HST) because the treatment at home takes the place of treatment you’d have to visit, or stay in hospital for.

If you’d normally be covered for the treatment in hospital, and your treating doctor agrees, you can have treatment at home instead. We will work with you, your doctor and hospital to cover the cost of the treatment at home for eligible members who need:

  • Intravenous (IV) therapy antibiotics

  • Complex wound care with negative pressure wound therapy

  • Rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement

  • IV chemotherapy

Transport Health's Hospital at Home