Transitions of Care

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Transitions of Care

Efficiently match patients with the most appropriate levels and settings of care

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Ensocare Transition placement and referral software allow those tasked with moving patients to care settings along the continuum to measurably decrease the time spent on clerical activities, increase the speed at which transfers of care can be achieved, and better match patients with the right post-acute care providers, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Built-in tools to capture patient choice and a convenient mobile app for both hospitals and to refer facility providers bring efficiency and convenience to the patient referral process.


  • Calculate your ROI with Ensocare transition.
  • View the transition mobile app for hospitals and facilities referring patients.
  • Explore Ensocare respond and our mobile app for post-acute and receiving facilities.
  • Discover how Ensocare choice puts post-acute decisions in the hands of your patients.
Transitions of Care