TOMEs-Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software

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TOMEs-Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software

Software to make your system smarter

Advanced Clinical Research Information Systems (ACRIS) Data Management (DM)

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TOMEs empowers blood centers and processing labs to achieve operational excellence. Use TOMES to link compatible devices with your blood bank and other data management systems to create a powerful network that informs decisions, supports compliance and traceability, helps maximize donations, and enables more productive operations. Here’s how:

Comprehensive Data Management:

Capture the data that drives decisions.

Consistent Process Control:

Control your processes every step of the way.

Complete Operational Visibility:

Unlock the insights in your data.

TOMEs Features:

  • Bidirectional communication with information management systems.

  • Customized process control.

  • Electronic data capture.

  • Intelligent barcode configuration.

  • Centralized device settings.

  • Device and procedure status monitoring.

  • Custom reporting and procedure data export.

TOMEs-Terumo Operational Medical Equipment Software