TimeDoc CCM Platform

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TimeDoc CCM Platform

We build custom solutions to fit the unique needs of your organization from EHR-integrated technology

Chronic Care Management EHR (Electronic Health Record)

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We believe that health care organizations are already doing Chronic Care Management and have been for some time. We also believe that each health care organization is different. For these two reasons, we build custom solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs, from EHR-integrated technology to staff augmentation with Care Managers.

You can pick and choose solutions to fill the gaps in your CCM program. The result is a comprehensive and flexible solution that optimizes CCM for your practice and your patients.

  • Maximize revenue by getting credit for all the CCM you’re already doing and all the CCM we do for you.

  • Have confidence that technology and service requirements are being met to achieve compliance.

  • Find the perfect balance between in-sourcing and out-sourcing the care with our flexible model.

TimeDoc CCM Platform