TigerConnect  Telehealth Services

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TigerConnect Telehealth Services

Host hassle-free video consults and voice calls one-to-one or in groups

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TigerConnects virtual care capabilities bring convenience to patients and home health nurses by making it easy to meet face-to-face with care managers, specialists, and primary care physicians across locations right from smartphones or laptops.

Everything video, voice, and text lives in one easy-to-use app. Move seamlessly between your internal hospital network and your patient network with a simple tap.

TigerConnects virtual care solution is a real conversation starter. For care providers, that is. That’s because the clinician, not the patient, always start the first conversation. This protects the clinical staffs scarce time. Further, every conversation has a time limit set by the organization days or weeks to ensure care teams dont become overextended.

TigerConnect  Telehealth Services