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Think Research VirtualCare

Allows clinicians and allied health professionals to replace in-person appointments with efficient, secure, and safe virtual visits

Virtual Care

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VirtualCare™ makes it quick and easy for you to deliver basic care like routine follow-ups and sharing lab results and prescriptions. Instead of requiring an in-clinic visit, these activities can be conducted virtually in the time between regular appointments.

Our patient engagement platform allows health care providers, specialists, allied health and community support workers, and others to provide virtual care through text messaging, audio-video conferencing, and secure document sharing.

You can also reach patients who are inaccessible due to distance or other restrictions, such as COVID-19 physical distancing, and residents in seniors care homes.

VirtualCare allows clinicians to increase the number of patients they see in a day, providing scheduling flexibility and letting them make the most of their office hours.

Think Research VirtualCare