The Cloudbreak Platform

Cloudbreak Health, LLC

The Cloudbreak Platform

A user interface for patients, for providers, for staff that enables your community to interact virtually

Virtual Care Ambulatory Live Video Telehealth

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Behind the scenes, the Cloudbreak platform handles the technology so your team doesnt have to. Connect. Communicate. Care™.

Hardware Integration:

Why be limited? Our platform is designed to enable you to connect resources through a multitude of channels. It’s device agnostic and able to use any standards-based hardware so you can recoup your historical investments and improve your ROI.

User Interface:

Driving adoption and long term use of tools is so challenging. That’s why we focus relentlessly on user experience - making our interfaces simple, intuitive, and tailored to the workflows of those using them. Our interfaces can be standalone or integrated into your current experience.

The Cloudbreak Platform