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Tempus Platform

Transforming healthcare with AI

Artificial Intelligence

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We have developed novel technology that generates, collects, structures, and analyzes vast amounts of data and merged with the power of AI, we can advance precision medicine today, and in parallel, facilitate discovery, development and delivery of optimal therapeutics for tomorrow.

Genomic Profiling

Our genomic tests analyze somatic and germline information across DNA, RNA, and proteomic data to help identify treatment options tailored for the individual.

Data Collaborations

We offer real-world datasets of matched molecular and clinical data with digital whole slide pathology images to uncover new insights across the research and development spectrum.

Clinical Trial Matching

Our proprietary trial matching software utilizes NGS as well as EMR integrations to identify patients that match to the right trial at the right time.

Companion Diagnostics

We integrate CDx claims into Tempus assays which offer a validated and established sequencing platform to pursue companion diagnostic biomarkers.

AI-Driven Algorithms

Leveraging the immense real-world data in our database, we have created a development platform to bring advanced tests, informed by AI, to aid clinicians at the point of care.


We offer a broad range of technologies to support high throughput consumer, academic and research needs.

Tempus One

We designed novel technology that offers a physician real-time access to our proprietary data platform, bringing the power of AI and the Tempus dataset to the point-of-care.

Infectious Disease

We offer frontline testing, next generation sequencing, and clinical research capabilities to understand and combat these diseases.

Tempus Platform

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