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Telehealth Software Tools

Easy and seamless virtual care for providers and patients

Virtual Care TeleHealth

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Virtual Care, Powered by VoIP:

Video, voice, or text communicate the way you want with teams and patients. Place phone calls, start video sessions, or trade texts securely all within TigerConnect.

Video Consults for One or Many:

Bring together specialists, primary care physicians, case managers, nurses, and other colleagues in a single video session. One conversation conveniently connects patients with the right specialists for faster, more expert care.

Easy for Patients - No Portals or App Downloads:

TigerConnect provides a simple, secure browsing session. A couple of taps and patients are ready to chat.

Clinician-Controlled Conversations:

Part or all of a patient conversation can be added to the patient record, and once the session expires, that’s it, patients must go to their primary care physician.

Telehealth Software Tools