T System SMART App™

T-System, Inc.

T System SMART App™

Gold standard emergency department clinical content and workflow embedded within Cerner FirstNet ®

Clinical Administration And Documentation EHR / Clinical Workflow

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Using SMART® on FHIR® technologies, the T System SMART App™ provides Emergency Department clinical content and intuitive workflow, all in a convenient documentation solution embedded within the Cerner FirstNet solution.

Built and maintained by T-System, the clinical content is the gold standard for emergency medicine. T System SMART APP™ is designed to support the wide range and varying acuity of presenting conditions in the emergency department.

The T System SMART App™ ease-of-use and clinically-driven workflow makes capturing necessary clinical and regulatory information fast but thorough, resulting in a completed chart that tells the story of the patient encounter and optimized for accurate coding and reimbursement. The seamless integration and interoperability within FirstNet allow real-time communication and access for the entire care team without leaving FirstNet.

T System SMART App™