StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet

Grifols, S.A.

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet

Secure Access solution for control of surgical supplies using RFID

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Smart Devices

Do you know anyone using StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet?

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet uses RFID technology to automate medical inventory management. Valuable medical supplies are RFID tagged on arrival at the hospital in order to manage expiry dates and automatically program re-orders.RFID Smart Cabinets use RFID to have an accurate view of medical inventory items in stock.

Furthermore, the StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet assists healthcare professionals in day-to-day inventory control, such as counting items or searching for expirations or recalls, thus leaving more time dedicated to patient care.


  • Monitor stocks and traceability
  • Expiry date identification
  • Creates record
  • Inventory levels in real time
  • Save time in inventory control
StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet