Stanson's Clinical Decision Support

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Stanson's Clinical Decision Support

Providing Real-time, Evidence-based, Context-based Clinical Decision Support at the Point of Care.

Clinical Decision Support

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Stanson Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is derived from highly reputable sources, embedded in electronic medical records, and integrated into routine provide workflows. Stanson CDS rules present a message to the ordering physician. That message displays on the order entry screen, is based on the specific patient’s records, and cites an appropriate authority.

Stanson delivers the most effective, cost-reducing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) available today, for advanced imaging, high cost medication, and lab utilization management. Stanson offers providers Clinical Decision Support (CDS), integrated with natural workflow, at the time the physician places an order. Stanson keeps the “Five “Rights” of clinical decision support at the forefront of the physician workflow: the right information, to the right person, in the right intervention format, through the right channel, at the right time.

Stanson's Clinical Decision Support