SR Health Telehealth

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SR Health Telehealth

SR Health offers integrated telehealth and supports third-party solutions with ease


Do you know anyone using SR Health Telehealth?

Whether you use SR Health’s telehealth solution or a third-party, we can support the entire visit from reminders and pre-visit instructions to the actual visit to targeted care follow-up messages.

Telehealth from SR Health doesn’t require any additional apps or downloads. The system integrates with your patient data and is HIPAA-compliant and secure. The high-definition, secure video solution allows multiple participants (i.e., care partners, translators, etc.). Providers just choose the patient from the virtual waiting room and launch the session. Patients click a link and wait to be admitted. It’s that simple.

Our patient messaging can easily support sending reminders for telehealth visits using other solutions that include links and instructions. The goal is seamless virtual care that works for everyone, and we can get you there.

SR Health Telehealth