Spirometry At Home Service (SAHS)

Briota Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Spirometry At Home Service (SAHS)

Providing 100% Covid-19 safe spirometry services

Remote Patient Monitoring #COVID19

Do you know anyone using Spirometry At Home Service (SAHS)?

To build high tech and cost effective solutions for improving quality of life of Asthma Patients.

How it Works:

  • Pulmonologist Consultation.
  • SpiroPro at home service recommendation.
  • Product explanation and home delivery.
  • QR code for patient-specific pulmonologist mapping.
  • Appointment with Neha respiratory technician.
  • Neha Respiratory Technician will remotely conduct the test using a video call.
  • A detailed report of the patient.
  • The patient can schedule an online appointment with the doctor.
  • Subscription plan for regular patients.
  • QR codes ensure doctor specific patient information access.
  • Doctor’s portal will help remotely track the health of the patient.
Spirometry At Home Service (SAHS)