Solutionreach - Patient Engagement and Communication

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Solutionreach - Patient Engagement and Communication

The ultimate patient-1st engagement solution

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Stay Organized With Your Daily at-a-Glance List

Find everything you need to stay organized with a daily schedule of appointments, voicemails, texts, and more all in one place. Streamline daily tasks to save your team all kinds of time, and reduce no-shows.

Easily Manage Last-Minute Cancellations to Keep Your Schedule Full

Make the most of cancellations and open appointment times. Send messages to patients who are waiting to get on the schedule as soon as possible.

Show Your Patients Some Love and Build Lasting Relationships

Sending a customized birthday text message shows patients they’re an important part of your practice family. It’s a personalized way to improve communication, keep them engaged, and boost overall patient satisfaction.

Easily Send Messages to Specific Groups of Patients

Alert a group of patients of an unexpected schedule change without spending hours on the phone. Easily send educational material to patients with specific health conditions. Save your staff time, and improve patient satisfaction without adding more work.

Solutionreach - Patient Engagement and Communication