Soc Telemed TeleICU

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Soc Telemed TeleICU

Virtual ICU care: on-demand and proactive patient assessments


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SOC teleIntensivists work with your local clinical team to create a care plan for any critically-ill patient in your hospital. We provide consistent and rapid response access to board-certified critical care specialists who focus on evidence-based, best-practice-driven care.

Critical Care On-Demand:

Our teleIntensivists provide on-demand critical care expertise and support at the point of care anywhere in the health system. The SOC team is engaged clinically within minutes of the call to evaluate the patient’s status and needs, just as any ICU would manage their patient population.

  • Complete 24/7 coverage by a board-certified intensivist.
  • Enhanced clinical decision support.
  • Accessible anywhere: ICU, ED, step-down, med/surg, and post-acute settings.
  • Experienced in vent management and treating ARDS.
  • Support for admission, transfer, and step-down decisions.
Soc Telemed TeleICU