SmarTigr: Interactive Patient Engagement

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SmarTigr: Interactive Patient Engagement

SmarTigr interactive patient education and engagement solution delivers patient-centered care plan management tools

Patient Education Patient Engagement

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SmarTigr addresses and improves key hospital metrics such as increasing HCAHPS scores through enhanced patient satisfaction and increasing reimbursements by achieving meaningful use criteria and reducing costly readmissions.

SmarTigr empowers patients as active participants in their care and recovery. SmarTigr connects patients, clinicians, and family through:

  • On-demand education and information to patients and family/caregivers.

  • Clinical and non-clinical service delivery and recovery features to promote both patient and staff satisfaction.

  • Hospital information and entertainment to enhance the patient experience.

  • Push delivery of patient-specific education plans and discharge planning information.

  • Patient Whiteboard access to important care, room, and staff information

  • Online workflow management, reporting, and analytic tools.

  • Satisfaction surveys and comprehension testing.

  • Automated clinical workflows and EMR documentation.

SmarTigr: Interactive Patient Engagement