Smart Data Solutions Revenue Cycle Management

Smart Data Solutions

Smart Data Solutions Revenue Cycle Management

Why handle the heavy lifting of your claims workflow when a smart team enhanced by AI can

Revenue Cycle Management

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The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process plays a vital role in the financial performance of a medical organization and the payment turnaround time is a critical factor to the organization’s success. To increase the speed of payments, it is essential to mitigate some of the time-consuming, manual steps in the RCM process. A properly operating RCM process has minimal manual steps and realizes revenue and billing faster. Smart Data Solutions can aid in saving your team crucial time and resources in this process.


With Smart Data Solution’s digital mailroom intake solutions, you can decrease your overall operational costs by digitizing and accelerating your mail intake. Your organization will immediately improve your business continuity and gain access to SDS’ development team to automate your processes through our AI and machine learning technology. In addition, the SDS digital mailroom is flexible and customizable to meet all your business requirements.

Correspondence Intake

Correspondence intake and processing are complex. Smart Data Solutions utilizes machine learning and the latest artificial intelligence to automatically determine the correspondence type, such as EOB, Appeals, Checks, etc.

When processing this collateral we can utilize our proprietary data capture technology to convert a paper to electronic that can be loaded directly into your system. This allows you to compare what is sent versus what is needed for payment, serving as a vital link in the RCM process.

EOP to 835 Conversion

Through our SDS Stream Clearinghouse, we can convert your paper EOPs to an 835. This can take your hybrid paper/electronic solution to electronic processing only. With this solution, 835 data can be viewed and processed through our portal serving as a vital link in the RCM process. When processing electronically, there is no time delay with manual entry and allows you to realize revenue faster and have more accurate secondary billing.

Smart Data Solutions Revenue Cycle Management

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