Smart Band® RFID

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Smart Band® RFID

The most powerful and accurate technology to identify and connect patients staff equipment location and procedures

Patient Management Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

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Smart Band® RFID Wristbands contain a microchip and antenna with a unique identifier, allowing information to be written and retrieved by RFID scanners at any time.

Patient information can be instantly accessed on all devices and applications in proximity - no need to scan - while data is stored for downstream analysis, including billing, process improvement, and infection surveillance.

RFID Advantages Over Bar Code:

  • RFID yields larger memory capacities, longer read distances, and faster processing times.

  • RFID does not require line-of-site data transmission, so tags can be read through and around the human body, clothing, bed coverings, and non-metallic materials. This enables a caregiver to scan a wristband without disturbing the patient.

  • RFID tags are dynamic data carriers, enabling updates to the encoded data at any time. With bar codes, any changes to the data require printing a new bar code.

Smart Band® RFID

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