SitSmart Posture Core

BackJoy Orthotics, LLC

SitSmart Posture Core

An innovative sitting device that naturally relieves back pain by optimizing your sitting posture

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Do you know anyone using SitSmart Posture Core?

The latest revolution in the sitsmart series, posture core relieves back pain by optimizing your sitting posture. It features some simple new benefits that make this SitSmart even easier to use. SitSmart Posture Core positions your body to naturally relieve back pain and keep you sitting comfortably for hours.

If you sit for longer periods, posture support is key. SitSmart is a simple posture corrector that restores the natural curvature of the spine to relieve lower back pain. Without SitSmart, your muscles flatten and tense under your body weight, causing pain.

  • Natural, safe and effective back pain relief.
  • Maximum comfort for longer periods of sitting.
  • 2x comfort cushioning & wider seating surface.
  • Works in any seat - office, car, home - or anywhere you sit.
  • Tilts the pelvis upright to engage core muscles.
  • Weatherproof/waterproof.
SitSmart Posture Core