Shalya's Endojet-CO2 insufflator

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Shalya's Endojet-CO2 insufflator

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Shalya’s CO2 insufflator - Endojet is a high flow insufflator that has 4 modes with an inbuilt high-pressure regulator and heater. It smartly maintains the abdominal pressure even during suction and comes with an intuitive touchscreen-based user interface that indicates surgery time. The warm gas supplied by the unit prevents fogging.


  • High Flow Insufflation with maximum flow insufflation rate upto 50 LPM

  • Accurate Flow Control : Flow rate can be set in step of 1 LPM for delicate & critical surgeries

  • Variable Temperature Control of the CO to avoid hypothermia

  • Clear & Unobstructed View as warmed CO gas avoids fogging over the camera

  • Smoke & Mist Evacuator provides clear & unobstructed view of surgical field during laparoscopic procedures

  • Surgery Timing Indicator indicates the time from the onset of surgery

  • Over Pressure Detection controls the gas pressure without user’s interruption

  • Gas Indicator for remnant & consumed gas in the cylinder being displayed on-screen

  • Cylinder Status gives continuous visual indication of present state of the cylinder

  • Automatic Pressure Regulation with internal exhaust port which prevents the pneumo- peritonueum from collapsing or overpressure

  • Tube obstruction alarm in case gas tubing gets obstructed during surgery

  • Virtual/External Pressure Alarm : Unit gives an audio visual alarm & holds the abdominal pressure when sudden external pressure is applied during trocar insertion

  • Surgery History maintains upto last 100 surgery records for Medico legal compliance

  • Control via USB/Enthernet or centralized control in conjugation with other Shalya OT equipments

  • 4 Modes available - Veress, Endo, Pediatric & Bariatric

  • Touch screen for better user Interface

  • Connection - Central as well as cylinder

Shalya's Endojet-CO2 insufflator

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