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Sensato MD-COP

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A single solution for medical devices. Sensato Medical Device Cybersecurity Operations Platform addresses short-term tactical requirements as well as strategic medical device cybersecurity needs.

Sensato’s MD-COP program includes components that allow organizations to understand security risks and policy gaps, deploy breach detection, perform medical-device manufacturer cyber security risk assessments, and more.

Development and deployment of policy and practices related to medical device cybersecurity can be a challenge for many healthcare organizations. To help address the administrative, operational and technical aspects of medical device security MD-COP provides a comprehensive set of best practices, default written policy, and a 120-question manufacturer assessment framework based on MDS and VA.

Each MD-COP program includes the Sensato-Nightingale honeypot. This powerful platform helps to identify targeted attacks against medical devices while also allowing you to collect forensic data and execute countermeasures.

MD-COP is not just a technical solution. Aside from providing you with policies and practices, assessment frameworks, and technical infrastructure, MD-COP also includes guidance and coaching as well as a highly advanced GRC system powered by ComplyAssistant.

Sensato MD-COP