SD-WAN for Remote Radiology

Nokia Corporation

SD-WAN for Remote Radiology

Expand your radiology services with the reliable and secure access of SD-WAN

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We believe in the possibility of real-time healthcare systems to profoundly change patient care through adaptive connected IT infrastructure powering new technologies and services for better health outcomes.

This is why Nokia is shaping the future of healthcare services with reliable, easy to deploy network architectures, like SD-WAN, that connect any remote site, clinic, or hospital quickly and seamlessly, providing access to cloud applications in the healthcare system.

Advancements in technology have increased the use of telemedicine and radiology for remote diagnosis and interactive care. Remote radiology is seeing a significant uptick as healthcare systems are beginning to enable their radiologists to work from home.

Radiology of the future will deliver a radically more connected, aware, and patient-centric approach interpreting studies with greater complexities for diagnosis and care.

SD-WAN for Remote Radiology