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A complete solution suite that simplifies care and network optimization by drawing knowledge out of data

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The SCIOVantage solution suite aids organizations in making better decisions by connecting disparate data sources and offering helpful views that: describe what happened, predict what will happen, and prescribe what should happen to achieve optimal results.

Product Benefits:

  • Prioritize care gap closure based on which represent the greatest opportunity to drive clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Predict and measure the ROI of intervention programs.

  • Standardize care around top performers.

  • Engage populations and providers with information and incentives that change behavior.

  • Aggregates clinical, financial, operational, and socioeconomic data.

  • Uses a powerful analytics engine to create and analyze member/patient and provider profiles using SCIOs proprietary models.

  • Actionable Dashboards that aid in better understanding and decision-making about patient/member populations and provider networks.

  • Proprietary Analytical Models developed over the past decade enable decision-makers to significantly improve program effectiveness, increase payment accuracy, and positively impact wellness programs.