SAS Heath Remote patient monitoring

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SAS Heath Remote patient monitoring

Combine technology and chronic care solutions to assist healthcare providers in physician offices

Remote Patient Monitoring

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SAS HealthTech has developed a compelling solution known as SAS Health Remote Patient Monitoring, which seamlessly integrates technology with chronic care solutions to support healthcare providers in various settings, including physician offices, Long-Term Care facilities, and hospitals. Their comprehensive service offering encompasses all aspects of patient enrollment, engagement, and sustained compliance.

One of the key benefits of SAS Health Remote Patient Monitoring is its ability to accelerate the discharge process. By leveraging remote monitoring capabilities, healthcare professionals can gain clinical confidence to discharge patients earlier, thereby shortening the length of hospital stays. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to improving the Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) margin, a vital factor for healthcare facilities.

The proactive intervention enabled by SAS Health Remote Patient Monitoring plays a crucial role in preventing hospitalizations. The system allows healthcare providers to detect early signs of deterioration and take prompt action, thus mitigating the risk of further health decline, emergency department visits, and readmissions. By intervening at the right time, healthcare professionals can provide timely care and support to patients, minimizing the need for costly and disruptive hospital interventions.

An additional advantage offered by SAS Health Remote Patient Monitoring is its ability to boost patient satisfaction. By enabling patients to recover from the comfort of their own homes, the system provides a convenient and familiar environment that promotes a sense of well-being. Patients have on-demand access to valuable resources and support, ensuring that they receive the assistance they need throughout their recovery journey. This patient-centric approach contributes to higher levels of satisfaction and engagement.

The support provided by SAS Health Remote Patient Monitoring extends beyond monitoring and intervention. The system’s ability to identify patient trends and patterns allows the patient’s physician to re-evaluate the prescribed medications and make necessary adjustments to better manage the chronic condition. This personalized approach enhances the overall quality of care and supports more effective management of chronic conditions.

SAS Health Remote Patient Monitoring stands out as a comprehensive and integrated solution that empowers healthcare providers across various care settings. Its features, such as accelerating discharge, preventing hospitalizations, boosting patient satisfaction, and facilitating medication re-evaluation, demonstrate the potential to optimize healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. By combining technology with chronic care solutions, SAS HealthTech presents a valuable offering that aligns with the evolving needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

SAS Heath Remote patient monitoring

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