RPA for Healthcare

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RPA for Healthcare

AI-powered RPA enables R1 RCM to adapt automated revenue cycle management to each unique healthcare organization's systems and processes

Robotic Process Automation

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AI-powered RPA enables healthcare organizations to respond, delivering efficiencies and cost savings while creating capacity to address the multitude of healthcare challenges and the need for rapid transformation across the care delivery value chain, from patient experience, to revenue cycle management, to claims processing, to analytics.


  • Improve Quality of Care

Bots can automate monitoring quality protocols against scores like AHRQ, HEDIS, and HCAHPS.

  • Boost Morale and Productivity

RPA relieves healthcare workers of repetitive digital tasks to engage in more productive, higher-value work, and focus on patient care.

  • Better Patient Experience

Improve patient experience by reducing busywork and making patient encounters, whether virtual or face-to-face, more seamless and successful.

  • Reduce Compliance Risk

Stay audit ready with bots to keep compliance-based records up to date with 100% accuracy.

  • Improve Efficiency, Accuracy, and Productivity

Automate healthcare processes and achieve greater throughput, 100% accuracy, and reduce critical errors and costs.

  • Achieve Interoperability

Bots can securely extract data and safely communicate between any system, following complex privacy rules and process triggers.

RPA for Healthcare