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Robin the robot transforms childcare into a more positive experience

Robotic Process Automation

Do you know anyone using Robin?

Robin is able to recognize children’s emotions and act like a friend, which helps create a fun, entertaining and comfortable environment. Robin is a product of a vision to help children overcome medical stress backed with long-term psychological research done by experts in the field.

Robin’s software algorithm allows it to perform a real-time analysis of children’s emotions and respond on spot. Its slick design and cheerful voice appeal to children and instantly gain their trust. Robin can be controlled by a member of the medical personnel. Any assigned staff member can communicate with children by using the robot’s interface. While in use, Robin collects and analyzes data on the patient’s mood and emotional state.


  • Increase joy among patients

  • Reduce stress and anxiety among patients

  • Increase patient retention

  • Enhance patient experience

  • Improve medical team’s satisfaction