RMS Automate Revenue Cycle

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RMS Automate Revenue Cycle

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The remittance and reconciliation process for healthcare providers is often overcomplicated by time-consuming, repetitive, manual tasks. By automating the revenue cycle with RMS, you’ll be able to process ERAs in almost half the time, increasing productivity.

Healthcare billing systems may provide partial automation, but they do not address the remittance and reconciliation process. RMS offers best-in-class automation solutions that integrate with all major healthcare billing systems and commercial banking partners to maximize automation.



Utilize the interface for real-time tracking; you can also quickly configure and pull reports on health plans, patient payments, the payment mix, and other insights.

Patient Payments:

Simplify and integrate patient payment data from multiple sources (including lockboxes, checks, and credit cards) for faster research and automated posting.

RMS Automate Revenue Cycle

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