RHS - Remote Patient Monitoring

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RHS - Remote Patient Monitoring

Cyber-secure web portal and HIPAA compliant FDA devices designed to meet the needs of both telehealth patients and providers

Remote Patient Monitoring

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How Does the RPM Program Work?

Our clinical teams performs remote patient monitoring by collecting patient vitals, interacting with patients via audio/video (telehealth), and track trends and analytics to detect possible underlying conditions. Providers receive ongoing reports detailing the status of care, alerts triggered, and actions taken by the care team in alignment with the patient care plan.

What do Providers Receive?

Our specialized team of healthcare professionals includes physicians and nurses that customize remote patient monitoring programs specific to the clinical pathways of your practice. By having access to Care Central, this allows you to expand your reach to improve each person’s quality of life and create a team of professionals around each patient. Simply put, we are an extension of your team.

RHS - Remote Patient Monitoring