Revenue Integrity

Besler & Co., Inc.

Revenue Integrity

A suite of services to address common mid-revenue cycle concerns

Revenue Integrity/Underpayment Services

Do you know anyone using Revenue Integrity?

Whether you have an existing revenue integrity team that wants to recover more revenue or no revenue integrity team at all BESLER’s Revenue Integrity Services can help your hospital capture more revenue and stay compliant. No costly software implementations. No learning curves. No hassles. Only results.

**Inpatient DRG Validation & Outpatient Correct Coding and Charge Capture: **

BESLER has demonstrated improvements in coding accuracy ranging from 25-60%, translating to tens of thousands of dollars hospitals have recovered. BESLER’s Inpatient DRG validation and correct outpatient coding and charge capture services utilize the power of our Revenue Integrity technology platform to rapidly determine ICD-10 CM/PCS and CPT coding accuracy and appropriateness of code selection. This happens in days, not months!

Our coding analysts then examine suspect claims to identify coding error trends, overpayment risk, underpayment cost, and correct coding issues.

Revenue Integrity