Revenue Cycle Transformation & Automation

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Revenue Cycle Transformation & Automation

Protect revenue amidst major transitions

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In an era ripe with merger and acquisition activity, revenue cycle leadership needs to be focused on the effectiveness of their Epic EHR, as well as tracking cash flow, financial planning, and analyzing the organization’s financial strengths and weaknesses.

The Merger and Scope

Two of the nation’s largest health systems sought to implement the Epic EHR while integrating the two organizations. They also saw an opportunity to simultaneously modernize their revenue reconciliation processes. We helped them develop the roadmap for a five-wave roll-out hundreds of managers and thousands of end users across the state.

Risk Mitigation and Operational Readiness

We led with a comprehensive risk identification and mitigation plan. Staff and operational readiness strategies followed. Achieving success in such a complex project meant an integrated solution spanning readiness, Epic revenue cycle build, analytics, and management coaching.

The Go-Live

Our client exceeded all expectations and achieved rapid revenue stabilization in a high-stakes environment, meeting all agreed-upon success metrics well in advance of contractually obligated deadlines. By investing in an integrated solution, they surpassed Top Performer status and successfully developed a model for the future.

Revenue Cycle Transformation & Automation