Do you know anyone using Reporting for Healthcare - MGRID?

The main objective of this platform is to transform consolidated medical information into answers to business questions, such as:

  • Determine which patients are outside treatment bandwidth. This is especially important for chronic diseases, where the patient might participate and have limited real-life interaction with care professionals.
  • Quickly determine a cohort of patients with a particular set of observations relevant to a new analytical study.
  • Benchmark treatment centers A & B for a particular treatment of chronic patients.
  • Determine treatment efficacy over total patient population.

Conceptually progressing from medical data to a report requires the following steps:

  • Data ingress and consolidation
  • Report definition: identify the required information.
  • Data preparation: transform repository facts to potential aggregated report facts.
  • Visualisation: deliver a list or graph (csv, pdf).
  • Validation.
Reporting for Healthcare - MGRID