ReLi Med Revenue Cycle Management

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ReLi Med Revenue Cycle Management

Let us take care of billing, so you can focus on your patients

Revenue Cycle Management

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Increase Revenue

ReLi Med Solutions increases revenue by ensuring all services provided, are billed and maximum reimbursement is collected. We surpass customer expectations through successful denial management, timely and accurate billing.

Automated Super Bill

As providers and staff document the visit, superbills are auto-populated. Once the provider signs off on the encounter, the claim is sent to billing. Manual processing and duplicity are reduced, the billing cycle shortened, and cashflow increased.

Billing Expertise

ReLi Med Solutions’ multi-tier approach to billing utilizes specialized teams and technology edits to ensure clean claim submissions and low denial rates. Our team has proficiency with all state and federal payers, and commercial plans across a wide range of specialties.


Our relationship with our providers is fundamental to our success. We encourage open dialogue, provide a built in messaging tool, and respond timely to general questions, and billing and reimbursement inquiries. As part of our quality program, tickets are tracked, with an average of 91% of tickets closed within 24 hours. Communication is crucial to the reimbursement process and we take extra measures to ensure NO CLAIM IS LEFT BEHIND.

ReLi Med Revenue Cycle Management