ReHub Platform

Bio-Sensing Solutions S.L (DyCare)

ReHub Platform

Personalized digital MSK solution for home-rehabilitation

Rehabilitation at Home

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Complete end-to-end Digital Solution for home-based rehabilitation

ReHub platform allows you to increase patient’s adherence and improve therapeutic outcomes through the personalization of treatment. Design therapeutic programs to treat your patients with musculoskeletal conditions in any stage: prevention, acute conditions, chronic pain or post-surgical recovery.


  • Personalization

ReHub allows full personalization of a patient’s therapeutic exercises.

  • Biofeedback

Our virtual coach provides real-time feedback to patients and ensure therapy completeness.

  • Flexibility

Use ReHub video library or ReHub Tracking Sensor to adapt your services according to the patient’s needs.

  • Analytics

Control and monitor the patient’s evolution, adherence, and pain level through intuitive dashboards and reports.


  • Control the entire process

Monitor the progress of the patient until his full recovery.

  • Increase adherence

Personalize treatments to increase therapeutic efficacy.

  • Accelerate recovery

Reduce patient’s time recovery by up to 30%.

  • Boost productivity

Treat more patients and increase productivity by up to 60%.

ReHub Platform