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Real World Data

Optimising the use of real world data to drive effective outcomes

Real World Evidence Clinical Information Systems

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Real-world evidence (RWE) continues to drive healthcare and research discussions and decisions. ICON delivers Real-World Intelligence™, bringing innovative thinking and technology solutions to identify, generate, and communicate the clinical, safety, and cost-effectiveness evidence that regulators, payers, and providers demand.

Database mapping provides a tool to identify and evaluate RWD sources systematically. Database mapping is a flexible methodology that can be customized to meet various needs, whether to locate data sources to answer a specific study question or to get a larger overview of RWD sources for an indication of interest.

As more biotech companies use RWE to support approvals, broader real-world outcomes for their products will emerge. While randomized clinical trials (RCTs) remain the standard for evidence generation, RWE serves as a disrupter, bringing greater efficiency to the development life cycle and novel ways to improve regulatory decision-making - ultimately maximizing revenue.

Real World Data