Real-time Position Management

Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

Real-time Position Management

Monitor patient movements and deliver accurate, gated treatments

Radiology Patient Monitoring Advanced Visualization

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Respiration-Synchronized Imaging and Treatment:

Infrared tracking camera measures respiration to help set gating thresholds.

3D Real-Time Patient Position Monitoring:

Detecting unexpected motion offers confidence in precise treatment delivery.


The gating system improves patient comfort and eliminates the need for breath-holding.

Highly Versatile:

Interfaces with CT, PET/CT, PET, On-Board Imager® kV imaging system, and PortalVision™ MV imaging systems.

Pretreatment Fluoroscopic Verification of Gating:

Save time and improve throughput by assessing gating thresholds before setting up patients for treatment.

Supports All Standard Breathing Protocols:

Expand your range of planning options, including free-breathing.


Track patient movements, including breathing, to ensure that your treatments hit their mark accurately.


RPM interfaces with a broad array of imaging systems, and supports all standard breathing protocols.

Real-time Position Management