RADAR Care Management Tool

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RADAR Care Management Tool

Get predictive early-warning system for interventions and care transition planning

Care Management Advanced Analytics

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RADAR® is a care management tool with resident-level descriptive and predictive analytics that identify risk for adverse events (falls, pressure ulcers, hospitalization, mortality, return to SNF), levels of impairment (ADL, cognition, mood, pain), and discharge complexity.

RADAR includes MDS - related details for resident care planning as well as trending views of metrics over time. Use RADAR to coordinate care and prepare for safe discharge to the community for short-stay patients and to guide care plan interventions for long-stay residents. Only RADAR and PointRight’s proprietary predictive analytics can provide your staff with the patient-level knowledge of who is at risk, how great that risk is, and if that risk is increasing.

Using RADAR® you can:

  • Identify members at high risk for falls and pressure ulcers for targeted prevention programs and early intervention.

  • Identify members at high risk for mortality within the next six months to facilitate end-of-life care planning discussions with residents and families.

  • Identify residents at high risk for readmission to the hospital and plan appropriate interventions to prevent ER visits and hospitalization.

RADAR Care Management Tool