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Medical coding, is all about the accuracy of information

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Our Medical Coding services add significant value to your coding and overall operations. A single wrong code can have a huge impact on your reimbursement and revenue cycle, and this is why we keep our focus on being 100% compliant with the current coding guidelines.

In order to keep our coding services credible and competent, we have our own medical coding training and certification unit, coding pulse. This ensures that you have the best and most proficient coders on the team, which is in tangent with our commitment to deliver on coding accuracy levels, data integrity, and the proper submission of claims.

With QWay as Your Coding partner, You Can:

  • Improve coding accuracy.
  • Smoother transition to ICD10.
  • Optimize staffing & reduce shortages.
  • Reduce risk of compliance.
  • Qways medical coding.
QwayHealth Medical Coding