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Qure.ai qXR

Automated chest X-ray interpretation

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Medical X-ray Imaging

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qXR can detect abnormal findings on a chest X-ray. It can be used to separate normal from abnormal X-rays, for pre-read assistance, or as a radiology audit tool. qXR includes patented algorithms that can detect a total of 29 findings on the chest X-ray.

qXR is a chest X-ray screening tool built with deep learning. It classifies chest X-rays as normal or abnormal, identifies the abnormal findings, and highlights them on the X-ray.

The CE certified algorithms have been trained and tested using a growing database (over 3.7 Million) of X-rays from diverse sources. qXR can detect and localize multiple findings in a Chest X-ray including detection of multiple findings with the lungs, pleura, heart, bones and the diaphragm.

Qure.ai qXR