QueueDr’s AI Scheduling


QueueDr’s AI Scheduling

QueueDr fills missed appointments, reduces patient no-shows, and increases patient access automatically.

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QueueDr is automating the filling and rescheduling of missed appointments to deliver a scalable, personalized, and productive AI scheduling experience across the entire health system. The only autonomous AI scheduling solution transforms revenue cycle management, patient access, operations, IT, and finance. QueueDr empowers health systems to provide a consumer-centric patient experience, streamlined call center operations, and achieve best-in-class physician utilization with a 100% autonomous experience.

  • Fill canceled appointments through automated waitlist management that requires no waitlist.
  • Reschedule patients booked months out into earlier slots to reduce patient no-shows.
  • Reschedule patient no-shows into new appointment times to get them back in the office.
  • Take the busy work out of rescheduling provider cancellations.
  • Balance physician utilization by sending patients to less busy providers.
  • Optimize your schedule by bringing the most valuable visit types in earlier.
QueueDr’s AI Scheduling