Quatris Healthco’s RetroCAID Solution

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Quatris Healthco’s RetroCAID Solution

With daily monitoring & more, you’ll never miss another retroactive, self-pay Medicaid opportunity again

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Quatris Healthcos RetroCAID solution uses a set of proprietary algorithms to check the eligibility status of every self-pay and sliding fee encounter within your system. It is monitored daily for the full length of its timely-filing lifespan. RetroCAID is a simple, effective, and proven reports-based solution to ensure that you never miss another retroactive, self-pay Medicaid opportunity.

When a historic encounter becomes retroactively eligible for reimbursement, your practice is immediately alerted and provided with all the pertinent billing details required for reimbursement. Encounters are sorted and dated to ensure that time-sensitive claims are acted upon immediately. Daily processing means that newly eligible historical encounters are caught quickly, and timely filing deadlines are met.

  • 100% Contingency based No Set-up Fees
  • No Integration Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Fixed Costs
  • No Ongoing Costs
Quatris Healthco’s RetroCAID Solution