QardioMD - Remote Patient Monitoring

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QardioMD - Remote Patient Monitoring

Connecting patients and care teams for efficient continuous care and better outcomes

TeleHealth Remote Patient Monitoring Chronic Care Management

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Simplified Patient Monitoring:

Patient data aggregated in easy-to-use dashboard. Seamless with EHRs.

Empowered, Engaged Patients:

Patient-centric devices mean 80% of users measure 2+ times / week.

Cost Saving Solutions:

Reduce routine visits and increase practice capacity.

Turn-Key Reimbursement:

Easily track clinical time to bill for reimbursable remote care.

Make Your Practice More Efficient With Qardios Telehealth Solution:

See how Qardio’s smart devices along with the doctor dashboard can streamline your workflow, allowing you to care for more patients without seeing more patients.

How Qardios Remote Patient Monitoring Works:

  • Patients measure their vitals such as BP, ECG and weight at home.

  • Clinical staff use the HIPAA compliant QardioMD to remotely monitor patients data.

  • All patient data is displayed for analysis - monitor unlimited patients on one dashboard.

QardioMD - Remote Patient Monitoring