Qardioarm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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Qardioarm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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Remote Patient Monitoring Chronic Care Management PCM (Patient Care Management)

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Qardio empowers individuals, doctors, families, and patients to manage and improve heart health.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Made Easy:

Clinically validated

QardioArm blood pressure monitor is clinically validated to give you a medically precise reading anytime, anywhere.

Simple to Use:

Our users love measuring their blood pressure. They do so three times more often than other blood pressure monitor owners.

Understand Your Numbers:

QardioArm blood pressure monitor displays your results on a color-coded WHO chart, so you know what your numbers mean.


  • Triple measurement average for the most accurate readings.
  • Integrated with Apple Health and S Health for easy management.
  • Set reminders for routine measurements, share them with your doctor.
Qardioarm Smart Blood Pressure Monitor