Q-nomy Omnichannel Patient Care

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Q-nomy Omnichannel Patient Care

Q‑Flow software is unique in the breadth of its omnichannel capabilities

Patient Care

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Q-nomy Omnichannel Patient Care is a unique and comprehensive software solution that enables service providers to communicate with patients across a variety of channels. With Q-nomy’s Q-Flow software, providers can manage both digital and physical channels, including clinics and other facilities where patients meet with staff in person.

Patients often need to communicate with doctors through multiple channels, and Q-nomy’s omnichannel solution efficiently manages this complexity. The software enables effective patient flow management and prioritizes, routes, and balances loads across all channels. This ensures that staff can maintain an accurate picture of all patient communications and respond in real-time.

Q-nomy’s Omnichannel Solution includes appointment scheduling software, patient flow management software, patient interaction management software, online forms system, and workflow software. These components work together to streamline communication, improve efficiency, and enhance patient experience.

The appointment scheduling software allows patients and staff to book appointments in person or through video, while the patient flow management software enables queuing and routing of visitors, callers, and incoming multi-channel messages. The patient interaction management software allows staff to view and respond to messages across any channel, such as email, SMS, or chat.

The online forms system enables quick and easy creation of either public or personal forms to collect information before, during or after treatment. Additionally, Q-nomy’s workflow software enables full or partial automation of routing and responding to patient requests. Overall, Q-nomy Omnichannel Patient Care is a robust and effective solution that can help providers meet the complex needs of modern healthcare communication.

Q-nomy Omnichannel Patient Care

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