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Care resource planning delivers efficient preventive care

Applications Disease Prevention PCM (Patient Care Management) Health and Wellness Chronic Care Management

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Zoeticx ProVizion Application suite is about Care Resource Planning, enabling care providers to deliver preventive care services effectively. Zoeticx has proven solutions for all preventive care services - Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management, and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Provizion Wellness:

Zoeticx ProVizion Wellness addresses all CMS requirements for Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). ProVizion Wellness includes Care Resource Planning and integrated progress reporting capabilities to increase efficiency and effectiveness for care providers Net New Revenue derived from AWV service.

Provizion CCM:

Elders (>65 years old) with multiple chronic conditions are eligible for the Chronic Care Management Service (CCM). CCM service is the first non-face-to-face reimbursement supported by CMS, aiming at encouraging primary care providers to monitor, anticipate, and collaborate with other care providers.

Provizion TCM:

Transitional Care Management Service (TCM) requires a tight collaboration between discharge and follow-up transitional care institutes.