Protenus Protect Patient Privacy

Protenus, Inc.

Protenus Protect Patient Privacy

Protenus leverages artificial intelligence and advanced analytics in the only healthcare privacy solution

Patient Privacy Monitoring

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Protenus Protect Patient Privacy is a healthcare privacy solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to provide its users with a risk-reduction platform that enables intelligent scalability. Unlike other healthcare privacy solutions, Protenus leverages machine learning to achieve up to 95% accuracy when distinguishing between proper and improper system accesses.

With Protenus Patient Privacy Monitoring, compliance teams can audit up to 100% of system accesses, which helps to ensure that patient data is protected from unauthorized access. In addition, Protenus users can experience significant time savings, with up to 70% reduction in time compared to legacy systems.

The machine learning model employed by Protenus has undergone significant improvements, resulting in 14 fewer cases per month for Patient Privacy Monitoring customers, without compromising on the detection of privacy violations. By providing accurate, reliable, and rapid detection of privacy violations, Protenus Protect Patient Privacy helps organizations to protect their patients, mitigate risk, and maintain compliance with regulations.

Protenus Protect Patient Privacy

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