Proofpoint® Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Proofpoint® Healthcare Cybersecurity

We stop cyber attacks before they reach your clinical teams


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Our “healthcare industry implementation best practices” blueprint explores U.S. Department of Health and Human Services cybersecurity preparedness guidelines and shows how we can help you meet them. The blueprint examines today’s biggest healthcare security and compliance risks. It outlines essential cybersecurity practices. And it recommends configurations, processes, and policies to keep your patient data protected.


Protect Clinicians from Email Attacks

Proofpoint advanced email security stops malware threats and those that don’t use malware, such as email fraud. Deployed as a cloud service or on-premises, it provides granular filtering to control bulk “graymail” and other unwanted emails allowing clinical teams to focus on patient care.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Keep Patient Data Safe

We simplify DLP by giving you complete visibility and control of email, leaving your environment. Cyber criminals understand the high value of patient data. Proofpoint Email DLP keeps it safe.

Proofpoint® Healthcare Cybersecurity