ProBeam 360°

Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

ProBeam 360°

Next-generation proton therapy with a smaller footprint

Oncology Radiation

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Makes Proton Therapy More Accessible:

Smaller footprint, lower cost of ownership, easier to install, and ramp-up.


Shares a common workflow and user interface with other market-leading products from Varian, making it easier to train and recruit staff.

Superconducting Cyclotron:

The most powerful particle accelerator available today to treat cancer.

Beam Transport System:

Focuses, shapes, and guides the beam to the treatment room, creating the small beam size necessary for IMPT and enabling clinicians to target very small spots across the full energy range.

360-degree Rotating Gantry:

360-degrees of freedom to image and treat the patient from any angle without additional repositioning.

Patient Treatment Room:

Ample space for personnel and equipment around the patient.

Exceptional Precision:

Best-in-class imaging and high-definition pencil beam scanning to see, adapt and deliver on target.

ProBeam 360°