Prevounce Chronic Care Management

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Prevounce Chronic Care Management

Prevounce's CCM platform helps you curb the complexities and confusion surrounding chronic care management and reimbursement

Chronic Care Management

Do you know anyone using Prevounce Chronic Care Management?

If your EMR or an AWV has identified a patient as having two chronic conditions, Prevounce will automatically register that person as eligible for CCM. Prevounce can also guide you through setting up patient profiles manually, with straightforward, easy-to-use guides.

Prevounces software is tailored to make sure you stay compliant and organized so everything is billable even important items, so simple they’re easily forgotten, like getting informed patient consent.

Prevounce makes it faster, replacing with catch-all documents with editable templates featuring quick check-boxes organized by condition, allowing practitioners to quickly choose the right items for each patient.


Pick Your Patients:

Simply identify patients for follow-up in the Prevounce system.

Interact Electronically:

Communicate with patients, re-fill prescriptions, review diagnostics and make referrals, then log time spent via the Prevounce platform to keep an accurate record of billable effort.

Prevounce Chronic Care Management